Laurieton Mens Shed Profile



Formed in 2010 from a meeting of the community of the Camden Haven and Surrounds where eleven (11) future members signed up on 21st July 2010.

More members joined shortly thereafter as the word spread of an upcoming Men's Shed. Further meetings ensued and with a lot of planning and hard work the shed members turned the first sod in November 2011.

With a lot of money and time donated, and many backdoor deals done on materials and labour, the shed took shape. Many man hours put in by those members and others who came shortly after contributed to a working shed.

After a number of years, a multitude of council inspections later, and lots of work to comply with the regulations, the Shed was finally granted the Occupation Certificate on 22 April 2015.

The shed had a Grand Opening Day on 22 August 2015 attended by the Local Mayor, the Local State Member and our oldest Member, all of who had a hand in the Official Ribbon Cutting, with numerous speeches by the dignitaries and by the  Immediate Past President.

With much hard work, sound planning and generous grants, the shed in 2015/16 has been able to add a large Solar Array to our power grid, erect a Member Built Outdoor Wood Fired Oven, cover the area between our two main sheds, and purchase a lot of dedicated equipment for our various departments. The Shed has been well supported by the happy membership and has continued to go from strength to strength.

The Shed participates in the local Riverside Markets where The Shed sells goods made or grown at the shed, and keeps our profile at the forefront in the community, where we aim to contribute as best we can to local projects and the local people.

The aims of The Shed are to have a safe, healthy and happy environment where our members can come and do the projects they like, learn new skills, help others, participate in the outings, do woodworking, metal working, weekly cook ups, computer class, choir, Bee keeping, vehicle restoration and monthly Friday Night Socials, or just chatting with the blokes, all  contributing to the health and well being of all of our members.


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